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What Gives You Peace Of Mind?

Knowing the whole story. From how your employees drive, to time spent at the job site, to knowing how your vehicles are performing at all times. WEX Premium GPS gives you the ultimate picture of your businesses’s activity.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

  • Track vehicles and assets
  • Monitor driver/vehicle performance
  • Reduce fuel and operating costs
  • Improve driver safety
  • Simplify dispatch and route planning

Reports and

  • Driver efficiency and productivity
  • Fuel usage and vehicle diagnostics
  • Unauthorized fuel card or vehicle use
  • Drive time and jobsite presence
  • IFTA/IRP compliance


  • The only GPS tracking solution to include your Fleet Card fueling data—instantly, seamlessly, and at no additional cost.
  • The great customer service you expect from the fleet advisors at WEX.

How it Works

WEX Telematics is installed in your vehicles.

Each vehicle transmits GPS and diagnostics info.

Access vehicle info through your secure fleet website or mobile phone.

WEX Premium GPS helps you:

  • Detect unsafe behavior like speeding, sharp turns, and harsh braking
  • Confirm vehicle status and activity at a glance
  • Track every stop and time spent with customers using landmarks

Plus, we’re the only GPS solution to seamlessly include your fleet card data at no additional cost.

Our Service Promise

With WEX, service doesn’t end with the sale. We’ll be there to keep you running smoothly, and help you get to the next level. That’s why we’re the most trusted team in GPS tracking.